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Besides gear reduction multipliers, Zoro also has a wide variety of gear drives, gearmotor accessories, and flange coupling kits.Today the most common lenses are made from a plastic called CR-39.There are also options, like reading glasses and computer glasses, which may be helpful depending on your specific circumstances.Below you will find a selection of bi-focal reading glasses that are clear on top, with the magnification on the bottom.In most cases, the bottom part of the lens reduces the effort necessary to focus when reading or looking at things closely, while the top part serves to help see in the distance.Our clear bifocal reading glasses have a small magnified lens at the bottom, created with magnification you select, and the rest is unmagnified for distance viewing.

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Whether they will be used indoors or outside, we are positive that you will find a style of non prescription bifocal reading glasses to match your needs.

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Our selection includes top seller safety glass styles by Dewalt, Pyramex and Radians safety.

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Browse our Men, Women, Kids, or Featured pages and use our handy filters to narrow down your search.Bifocal lenses are eyeglasses designed for presbyopic people who need both near and far vision.A huge collection of quality Bifocal Glasses with stylish frames is provided at the lowest price, accompanied with excellent customer service.

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Progressive multifocal lenses do not have lines or segments and have the.Bifocals come in all colors and styles, from cat eye glasses to wayfarer frames.

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Choose clear lens bifocal safety glasses for indoor work or the smoked magnifier glasses for work outdoors.The intermediate solution was special computer bifocals with the top part set for the screen distance.Bifocals have two sections, the upper part of the lens is generally used for distance vision, while the lower part is for near vision.If you use your current reading glasses while working at your computer, most likely you have a sore neck from alternately tilting your head back to read your monitor, and then moving your head forward because the magnification is too strong for that distance.

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Bifocal lens is NOT magnified on the top, just the bottom portion is.The bifocal segment on the bottom of the lens provides correction for reading and viewing close objects.

It now comes in a bifocal style, which has the reading portion on bottom and clear on top.

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Whether your look is trendy and hip, vintage or traditional, our bifocal glasses and sunglasses will suit your individual tastes.You may no longer need sunglasses, although they may not darken in your car if the windshield blocks UV rays.


The Reading Sunglasses is exactly w. 1 Pair Womens Retro Cat Eye Fashion Frame Bifocal Reading Glasses Clear lens b.Lenses feature your reading power in the bifocal while the rest of the lens is clear.Her experience is part of the reason why, when I started needing glasses for near work, I got progressives from the get-go.There lens on the bottom is used for reading and the lens on top is used to look at things far away.

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For people who need reading glasses, the top portion (above the bifocal) needs to have no prescription strength.If t There lens on the bottom is used for reading and the lens on top is used to look at things far away.In other words, there should be regular clear lenses above the bifocal.These glasses are not designed to improve your distance vision.Cheap Glasses 123 is an online optical store specializing in Bifocal Glasses and prescription glasses.

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